What is the minimum payout limit?

Between 0.01 and 0.05 balance, depends on wich coin you are mining.

Minimum payout for your coin can be found on the payments page!

I'm mining few hours and i don't see any balance?

Please check if you are mining the right coin (right port), using the "Connect to the pool" page.

If settings are right, it might be that difficulty of the coin you are mining is rather big, then it might take a while before a block is found. Calculations on how long it might take, is found on the your miner page in section "Luck, hour".

After this blocks that are found, need to confirm for 100 blocks or more before balance is Đ°vailable, therefore it might take some hours before you might see a balance. Blocks that need to mature are displayed on the coin page section!

How much are the transaction fees?

Very Low, every block that is found, is payed out to miners, the fee is divided between all users that are paid out, so very low! When lots of blocks are found in a small timeframe, blocks are bundled and paid out per 3 block maximum

Where i can found wallet for coins?

You can use exchange, or download official wallet from coin site!

What do I need to start mining?

All information you can be found in this page: "Connect to the pool"

What is the reward system we use?

PPLNT (pay per last n time) is a modification of the proportional system. The proportional system is perhaps the most natural way to distribute rewards: whenever the pool finds a block, it distributes its value (minus a fee) to miners proportionally to how many shares they have submitted since the previous block. This naive approach is unfortunately easily exploitable by using a technique called pool hopping.

PPLNT corrects this issue by considering only the last N shares submitted right before a block was found, and disregarding the rest. If the value of N is chosen appropriately, the system becomes resistant to hopping, but with one side effect: in order to receive fair retribution, in a PPLNT system miners must maintain a relatively constant hashrate at all times.

Being a proportional system, PPLNT only rewards miners when a block is found and confirmed by the network, and since finding a block can take considerable time, rewards have a high variance. Additionally, from time to time the pool may find a block that never confirms because another block was found and confirmed before it. Such blocks, called orphans, have no value, and result in missed rewards for miners.